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Case Studies

Auckland Airport


The duty-free shopping sector has a significant contribution to Auckland Airport’s overall revenue. However, the decline in tourists during Covid-19 pandemic, particularly from China, prompted Auckland Airport to recognize the untapped potential of the local Chinese market with its substantial spending power.


In response, Auckland Airport aimed to revitalize The Mall, its online shopping site, among the local Chinese community. Their primary objectives were to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the online platform, adapting to the pandemic’s changing landscape.


Prizm meticulously devised a tailored multimedia strategy by capitalizing on the unique positioning and functionalities of various media channels, organized into stages, to achieve the objectives. Targeted campaigns, synchronized with key festivals and events, were deployed to maximize brand exposure and engagement among the local Chinese community.


Regarding media channels, Auckland Airport’s WeChat account was strategically harnessed as the central platform for brand representation. This approach established a direct and engaging line of communication with the intended audience. Prizm also collaborated with local media platforms to further amplify The Mall’s exposure within the local Chinese community. 


Additionally, Prizm maximized reach and engagement by partnering with the Little Red Book influencers. This comprehensive approach ensured that the message reached a wider audience and resonated effectively with the target market, ultimately driving increased traffic, and bolstering brand awareness within the local Chinese community.


Prizm’s strategy, integrating the WeChat account, local media partnerships, and Little Red Book influencers, broadened Auckland Airport’s message and resonated with the target audience. The approach effectively conveyed excitement and exclusivity around The Mall’s offerings, driving traffic and enhancing brand awareness within the local Chinese community.

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