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Little Red Book


Fueling Your ROI through Social Innovation

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Little Red Book, initially a product reviews site, has evolved into a global sensation with over 300 million users worldwide, including 100,000+ Chinese speakers in New Zealand and half a million in Australia. This thriving community combines Instagram's social and visual appeal with Amazon's shopping convenience. Users flock to the app, with a staggering 41.1% visiting 1-2 times daily, making it an integral part of their routine.

What sets Little Red Book apart is its authenticity and reliability. It's like having a circle of friends who share their latest discoveries, offering a personal guide to explore amazing products and brands. This word-of-mouth effect has earned Little Red Book the reputation of boasting the highest sales ROI among all Chinese social platforms, making it a go-to platform for brands seeking to tap into a loyal and engaged user base.

Our Service Scope

Brand Account Setup Icon

Brand Account Setup

We facilitate the seamless creation and optimization of your Little Red Book brand account, ensuring it reflects your brand identity and values effectively.

  • Account Registration
  • Brand Profile Creation
  • Account Functionality Setup
Brand Account Management Icon

Brand Account Management

Providing day-to-day brand account management, we ensure a strong online presence, meaningful audience connections, and brand growth through consistent content and engagement.

  • Content Planning and Creation
  • Visual Localization
  • Audience Engagement Activities
  • Customer Enquiry Handling
  • Monthly Report
Influencer Marketing Icon

Influencer Marketing (KOL / KOC)

Harness the power of influential key opinion leaders (KOLs) and key opinion consumers (KOCs) through strategic partnerships, amplifying your brand’s reach and fostering authentic connections with your audience.

  • KOL/KOC Sourcing
  • KOL/KOC Campaign Planning and Management
  • Live Streaming Campaign
LRB Ads Icon


We design and execute engaging Little Red Book (LRB) ads, maximizing their impact in attracting and converting potential customers.

  • Ad Account Set Up
  • Ad Campaign Strategy Configuration
  • Ad Creative
  • Ad Placement & Monitor
  • Ad Data Analysis
LRB E-Commerce Store Icon

LRB E-Commerce Store

With expertise in Little Red Book’s ecommerce integration, we help set up and optimize your brand store, enabling seamless transactions and driving sales.

  • Store Set Up
  • Day to Day E-Commerce Operation
  • LRB Livestream
  • Monthly Report

Frequently Ask Questions

In China, the platform primarily attracts the younger generation, particularly 90s ladies, accounting for over 87% of users who actively seek the latest fashion trends and beauty secrets. In Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), the user base is more evenly distributed, with 60% being female.

Little Red Book provides a range of options for brands to gain exposure and boost sales. This includes creating eye-catching content, product listing, and order fulfillment through its ecommerce function. Brands can tailor their approach based on goals and budget, managing their brand accounts or collaborating with influencers for impactful campaigns. Ecommerce options include listing on LRB’s marketplace or establishing a dedicated brand store.

Partnering with Little Red Book allows us to work closely in achieving clients’ goals, whether targeting the China market or ANZ market. Our specialized teams in Guangzhou, China, focus on account management and content creation, while our Auckland team is dedicated to providing excellent service to brands.

Little Red Book marketing offers numerous advantages for brands seeking exposure and sales growth. By leveraging the platform, brands can create visually appealing content, list products, and manage orders seamlessly through its ecommerce function. Whether crafting a unique brand presence or collaborating with influencers on impactful campaigns, Little Red Book provides a versatile marketing approach tailored to diverse goals and budgets.

Little Red Book caters to a variety of industries, making it versatile for different business types. However, it particularly thrives in sectors related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Brands in these industries can effectively tap into the platform’s engaged user base, especially those looking for the latest trends and insider insights. While these sectors benefit the most, other industries exploring visual and experiential marketing can also find success on Little Red Book.

Little Red Book offers various account types, each serving different purposes. User accounts are for individuals interested in exploring content, while brand accounts are tailored for businesses looking to establish a branded presence and engage with users. KOL (Key Opinion Leader) accounts are for influencers, allowing them to share their perspectives and collaborate with brands. Understanding these distinctions helps brands choose the right account type based on their marketing goals and target audience.

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