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Landing page/Mini-site Development

Your Mobile Web Canvas

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Mini-site is a term that stands for the mobile version of websites browsed in mobile devices. Since it is basically a canvas that the WeChat platform provides to host our own webpage, we can go creative of what we put there, whether it is a product showcase page with search & filtering function, a directory that list store locations with an interactive map, or a interactive minigame that users compete for a prize.

PRIZM has a wealth of experience in Mini-site development with clients from various industries ranging from aviation, banking, retailers, catering to cosmetic and skincare. We offer both bespoke developments suiting the specific demands and objectives for our clients, and at the same time we have various template solutions available as well if you are looking to save cost or to launch a campaign in a rather tight timeline.

Our Service Scope

Campaign Marketing Strategy/Solutions Icon

Campaign Marketing Strategy/Solutions

Develop and execute effective marketing strategies for brand visibility and user engagement.

Landing Page Planning Icon

Landing Page Planning

Strategically plan to effectively capture user attention and encourage desired actions.

Page Content Icon

Page Content

Create compelling and relevant content with clear messaging and storytelling elements.

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Page Design/Visuals

Design visually appealing, mobile-responsive Mini-site that align with brand aesthetics.

Mini-site Development Icon

Mini-site Development

Develop custom mini-site solutions with interactive features and optimized performance.

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Data Analytics

Implement data tracking and analytics for insights on user behaviour and campaign optimization.

Frequently Ask Questions

Landing page enables you to create engaging and interactive mobile web content, reaching your audience effectively on their smartphones. Whether it’s showcasing products, providing useful tools, or running captivating campaigns, it can enhance your brand’s visibility and engagement.

Measuring the effectiveness of your landing page is crucial. We provide comprehensive analytics and reporting to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as user engagement, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more. These insights help you understand your campaign’s impact and make informed decisions for continuous improvement. 

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