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Case Studies

Barfoot & Thompson 2022 Easter AR Campaign


When faced with the COVID-19 restrictions, Barfoot & Thompson, a prominent real estate company, had to find innovative ways to engage with their customers during the Easter season. With physical interactions limited, they would not only maintain brand awareness but also provide a fun and engaging experience for their customers. 


Barfoot & Thompson’s primary goal was to stay connected with their customers and foster brand engagement during Easter, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. They aimed to leverage technology and social media platforms to create an interactive campaign that would not only entertain customers but also encourage them to share the experience with their friends and family.


In collaboration with Prizm, Barfoot & Thompson devised an augmented reality (AR) filter campaign to captivate their audience. The campaign was strategically promoted on Barfoot & Thompson’s Instagram and Facebook account, making it accessible to all Instagram users. The AR filter provided a playful and interactive way for customers to engage with the brand, allowing them to immerse themselves in a unique experience and showcase their creativity.


By embracing technology and adapting their marketing strategy, Barfoot & Thompson successfully maintained brand awareness and customer engagement during the Easter period. The AR filter campaign not only entertained customers but also enabled them to share their experience, extending the reach of the brand to a wider audience. The campaign showcased Barfoot & Thompson’s commitment to innovation and their willingness to adapt to changing circumstances. This display of creativity and resilience is likely to be appreciated by their customers, strengthening the brand’s reputation and fostering customer loyalty.

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