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Case Studies

Barfoot & Thompson CNY O2O Campaign -- 寻宝闹新春


Barfoot & Thompson, New Zealand’s largest real estate agency located in Auckland, sponsored the Chinese New Year (CNY) Festival & Market Day at ASB Showgrounds in 2020. The company aimed to strengthen its connection with the local Chinese community during the festive season. To achieve this, Barfoot & Thompson collaborated with Prizm to create an online-to-offline campaign centered around Chinese New Year, with the dual goals of collecting user data and increasing subscribers on its social media platforms.


The primary objective for Barfoot & Thompson was to enhance its engagement with the local Chinese community and leverage the festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year. The specific goals included collecting valuable user data and increasing the number of subscribers on Barfoot & Thompson’s social media platforms, enhancing its online presence within the target audience.


Prizm worked with Barfoot & Thompson to implement an interactive kiosk at the CNY Festival & Market Day. Participants were encouraged to play a game on the kiosk, and before engaging in the game, they had to input their personal information on their phones to receive a QR code, which activated the game.

The game involved participants looking at a map of houses, including Barfoot & Thompson buildings. Within 30 seconds, participants had to select all the Barfoot & Thompson buildings on the map. The scoring system determined the quality of prizes, including cash prizes, based on the participants’ performance in the game.


The campaign was successful in achieving its objectives. Over 200 users actively participated in the activity during the campaign day, and these participants also subscribed to Barfoot & Thompson’s WeChat official account. The engagement was not only festive but also fruitful, as Barfoot & Thompson effectively collected valuable user data. This data could be utilized for future marketing activities, ensuring targeted outreach to the right audience and further strengthening the company’s brand presence within the local Chinese community.

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