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Case Studies

DFS Auckland 2021 Lunar New Year O2O campaign


DFS Auckland is a prominent luxury travel retailer in Auckland, New Zealand. Renowned for its prime location and wide selection of high-end products, DFS Auckland attracts discerning customers seeking premium shopping experiences.


The primary goal was to drive foot traffic to DFS Auckland physical store during the festive Chinese New Year period. Through the implementation of an engaging online game and leveraging participants’ social media sharing, the objective was to generate excitement and encourage individuals to visit the offline event at DFS’ store.


Prizm devised an innovative solution by creating an interactive online game for DFS, featuring a digital lucky draw. By combining technology and social media, participants were enticed to take part in the game and share their involvement with their social networks. This engagement served as an invitation to the offline event, where participants could experience a live lucky draw, further enhancing their connection with DFS and the brand.


The campaign achieved remarkable success in driving foot traffic to DFS’ physical store. Through the incorporation of technology and social media, DFS effectively engaged their target audience and provided them with a memorable and distinctive experience. Additionally, the campaign enabled DFS to collect valuable customer data, including email addresses and social media profiles, empowering them to inform future marketing activities and tailor their strategies to better target potential customers.

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