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Case Studies

DFS Auckland Double 11 RED Influencer Campaign


The global pandemic, Covid-19, severely impacted the tourism industry, causing a significant decline in overseas tourists, who were the primary consumer group for DFS Auckland. It is necessary to find new solutions to drive local consumption.


The objective was to drive local consumption and generate revenue amidst the absence of international tourists. PRIZM partnered with DFS Auckland to execute the Double 11 Little Red Book campaign, strategically leveraging Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to target local segments with a passion for fashion and cosmetics. The goal was to attract and engage this specific audience through the release of PLOGs and VLOGs on the KOLs’ social media accounts.


PRIZM devised an effective solution by collaborating with KOLs to create and release engaging PLOGs and VLOGs, showcasing the latest fashion trends and cosmetic products available at DFS Auckland. By leveraging the KOLs’ influence and their connection with the target audience, the campaign aimed to pique the interest of local fashion and beauty enthusiasts, effectively driving foot traffic and sales during the Double 11 shopping festival.


The campaign was highly successful in driving foot traffic to DFS’ store. By leveraging technology and social media, DFS was able to engage with their target audience and provide them with a unique and memorable experience. In addition, the campaign also allowed DFS to collect valuable customer data, including email addresses and social media profiles, which could then be used to inform future marketing activities and better target their potential audience.

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