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Case Studies

Fletcher Living WeChat Content Marketing


Fletcher Living, a subsidiary of the renowned Fletcher Group, is a leading residential development company with a strong presence in Auckland and Christchurch. In their marketing efforts, Fletcher Living had previously entrusted the operation of their WeChat account to an external agency. However, as Fletcher Living recognized the need for a fresh and tailored approach to engage the local Chinese community, they initiated a bid for a new agency. Prizm, with their proven expertise and innovative strategies, successfully pitched for the opportunity after rounds of presentations.


Fletcher Living, recognizing the importance of engaging with the Chinese community in New Zealand, set clear objectives for their WeChat marketing strategy. Their aim was to enhance brand awareness and strengthen connections among the local Chinese audience.


Additionally, Fletcher Living sought to explore new avenues for media buy to extend the coverage and maximize their reach within the target market. These objectives reflected their commitment to actively engaging and connecting with the Chinese community in New Zealand through strategic marketing efforts.


Prizm collaborated closely with Fletcher Living to understand their unique requirements and develop a strategic approach. Leveraging the expertise and industry insights, Prizm proposed and implemented a more user-friendly WeChat interface, introducing new functions and improving the overall account operation and content strategy. This revamp aimed to create an engaging and interactive experience for WeChat users, fostering stronger connections with the Fletcher Living brand.


In addition to the WeChat optimization, Prizm developed a comprehensive multi-media strategy to maximize brand exposure and effectively engage the target audience. As part of their innovative approach, Prizm successfully trialed the utilization of the Little Red Book platform, a dynamic social media platform with an active user base. This strategic move allowed Fletcher Living to showcase their brand from a fresh perspective, connecting with the local Chinese community in a more immersive and socially engaging manner.


The collaboration between Prizm and Fletcher Living yielded exceptional results. Within a relatively short timeframe, Fletcher Living’s WeChat followers doubled in number, showcasing the increased brand awareness and engagement among the local Chinese community.


Following the strategic advertising placements in local Chinese media, Fletcher Living experienced a significant boost in brand visibility and engagement among the target audience. The campaign successfully reached a wide audience, generating substantial impressions and garnering positive engagement.


Moreover, the trial of the Little Red Book platform proved highly successful for Fletcher Living. It allowed the brand to present itself from a fresh perspective, creating a more immersive and socially engaging experience for the local Chinese community. This innovative approach resulted in increased brand recognition and deeper connections with the target audience.

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