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Case Studies

Freedom NZ: 1 million impressions in 2 months


Freedom is a well-known lifestyle furniture and homeware brand with strong presence in Australia and New Zealand. However, they had not explored the Chinese market and lacked a focused strategy for this demographic. Recognizing the potential of the Chinese community in terms of population and purchasing power, Freedom aimed to create a dedicated strategy to tap into this market.


Freedom New Zealand set a clear objective: to develop a comprehensive Chinese-targeted marketing strategy that would effectively engage the local Chinese community. Their aim was to bridge the gap between their offerings and the preferences and aspirations of the Chinese demographic.


Freedom turned to Prizm for their expertise. Prizm crafted a tailored approach, aligning Freedom’s offerings with the desires of the local Chinese community. We leveraged Chinese social media platforms, focusing on WeChat and Little Red Book as primary channels for engaging with the target group and sharing compelling content. In addition to content, effective advertising placements were implemented to reach and engage the target audience.


Through this collaboration, Freedom successfully executed their Chinese targeting marketing strategy, establishing a presence on WeChat, Little Red Book, and GDT (Tencent ads), effectively reaching and engaging the local Chinese community. 

In just three months, Freedom’s Chinese social media accounts gained a dedicated following, demonstrating a positive reception among the target audience. Furthermore, Prizm’s strategic ad placements on GDT generated an impressive 1 million impressions over two months, extending the reach of Freedom’s messaging and offerings.

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