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Case Studies

Linden Leaves WeChat Mini Program Development


Linden Leaves, a beauty company specialising in natural skincare products, founded by a local New Zealander. The founder viewed a change in costumer’s shopping patterns whereby there was a prevalent online presence on social media and e-commerce stores. Therefore, it prompted Linden Leaves to launch their own platform on a popular platform suchlike WeChat.


By utilising WeChat, Prizm constructed a page on Mini Program – WeChat’s own e-commerce platform – for Linden Leaves with the intention to accumulate the brand’s own traffic and to achieve its objective: have an online presence.


By virtue of the WeChat Mini Program, Linden Leaves could establish an online presence on an e-commerce platform where it aided the creation of customers in the long run alongside the betterment of customer service as it served as a channel to communicate with them.

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