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Case Studies

L'Occitane New Product Launch Campagin


In celebration of Mother’s Day 2019, L’Occitane introduced a new fragrance product range. To amplify the launch, L’Occitane collaborated with Prizm to implement an online-to-offline interactive campaign, integrating a vending machine and Facebook advertisements. Prior to the product release, Facebook ads were strategically broadcasted to capture the attention of potential customers and increase awareness of the new fragrance line.


The primary objective for L’Occitane was to create a buzz around their new fragrance product range in conjunction with Mother’s Day. The focus was on leveraging an online-to-offline strategy to engage potential customers, capture their personal information, and drive them to redeem product samples from a vending machine located at an offline store. The overarching goal was to enhance brand awareness and establish a direct line of communication with the target audience.


Prizm worked with L’Occitane to devise a multifaceted campaign strategy. Facebook advertisements served as the initial point of engagement, redirecting users to a chat-box on Facebook Messenger. Through this platform, users were prompted to provide personal information such as email addresses and product preferences. Upon completion, users received a QR code that could be used to redeem a gift, including product samples, from the L’Occitane vending machine situated at an offline store.


The campaign yielded significant results for L’Occitane on both fronts. The data collected from Facebook users provided valuable insights for future marketing activities, allowing for targeted outreach to a potential audience. The campaign attracted over 500 participants within a week, indicating successful engagement. Moreover, the interactive nature of the campaign, facilitated by Facebook Messenger, strengthened the brand relationship with customers. L’Occitane not only directly communicated with Facebook users but also gained a comprehensive understanding of their personal preferences through the data collection process, contributing to a more personalized and effective marketing approach.

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