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Case Studies

MitoQ CNY H5 Game Campaign


MitoQ, a health brand specializing in supplements, sought to revamp its brand image and foster customer loyalty through innovative digital activities, specifically online H5 games. The decision was made to launch this initiative during the Chinese New Year period, utilizing the festive season as a thematic backdrop for the game.


The primary objective for MitoQ was to revise its brand image and cultivate customer loyalty. The focus was on leveraging digital activities, particularly online H5 games, to engage the target audience. By choosing the Chinese New Year period, the aim was to capitalize on the festive atmosphere and align the game with a specific theme, thereby enhancing its appeal to users.


In collaboration with MitoQ, Prizm played a key role in achieving these objectives. They assisted in constructing various promotional articles and developed an H5 game on WeChat. The game not only provided entertainment but also imparted information about how MitoQ’s products effectively target mitochondria compared to regular CoQ10 antioxidants. This dual approach aimed to engage users through an enjoyable gaming experience while educating them about the brand’s unique selling points.


The interactive H5 game proved to be a successful strategy for MitoQ. It effectively conveyed the brand’s message and product functionality to around 1000 participants. The game’s shareability within communities contributed to its success, with participants encouraged by the prospect of collecting gifts for achieving the highest score. This not only increased brand exposure but also facilitated positive engagement with the audience during the Chinese New Year period.

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