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Case Studies

MegaTel WeChat Content & Ads Retainer


MegaTEL is an Auckland based utility service provider, the business covers internet, mobile, electricty and gas services. With the number of Chinese families increased significantly in the past few years, megaTEL decided to invest more resources to target local Chinese communities and take ‘becoming the no.1 service provider for local Chinese community’ as the goal.


MegaTEL partnered up with Prizm in hopes to access the local Chinese demographic through the WeChat platform – a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media app- to alleviate sales leads in a cost-efficient mean in conjunction with the enhancement of brand awareness, and influence amongst the Chinese audience in New Zealand.


To achieve MegaTEL’s objective, Prizm selected WeChat advertisements in order to reach the 180,000 Chinese New Zealander WeChat users, which is 70 percent of the Chinese New Zealander population. This deemed to be an efficient and effective tool to gain brand awareness within the Chinese community. As a result of this, many advertisements were released and designed to surface on WeChat.


Through the execution of the one-year WeChat plan, megaTEL celebrated the success of over 500 sales leads and have recognised the other beneficiary elements specifically brand awareness.

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