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Case Studies

SkyCity 2021 LNY Online to Offline campaign


As a specialized marketing agency in the Chinese market, we have collaborated closely with SkyCity to bring innovation and unique experiences to their annual Lunar New Year celebrations. This year, our focus is on introducing technological advancements to create a distinctive Lunar New Year event for SkyCity.


Our primary objective was to create a memorable and interactive experience that would resonate with participants, allowing them to embrace and understand the cultural of the Year of the Ox and Lunar New Year traditions. By enabling individuals to customize their own FU character, incorporating their names and a wishing sentence, we aimed to facilitate a deep sense of personal connection and ownership in the celebration.


To bring our objective to life, we developed a digital activation that seamlessly integrated customization and education. Participants were invited to engage with the platform, inputting their name and selecting a personalized wishing sentence. The system then generated a unique FU character that could be printed and taken home as a symbol of their participation in the campaign. This solution provided an innovative and accessible way for individuals from diverse backgrounds to actively engage with Lunar New Year culture.


The digital activation proved to be an outstanding success. Participants thoroughly enjoyed the experience of creating their own personalized FU character, fostering a sense of pride and cultural appreciation. The campaign successfully achieved its goal of educating and connecting diverse communities with Lunar New Year traditions. Through the tangible takeaway of the printed FU characters, participants were able to continue celebrating and sharing their experiences beyond the digital realm, further spreading awareness and understanding of this important cultural event. The campaign’s positive reception and engagement reinforced the value of inclusive and interactive initiatives in promoting cultural exchange and appreciation.

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