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Case Studies

SkyCity 2022 LNY Online Activations


Due to the challenges posed by Covid restrictions during the Lunar New Year campaign launch, we, as a specialized marketing agency in Chinese marketing within the New Zealand market, joined forces with SkyCity to execute impactful online campaigns that would ensure a safe yet memorable celebration. 


Our primary objective was to curate immersive online experiences that would authentically capture the essence of Lunar New Year, even amidst physical distancing measures. We aimed to foster a strong sense of community connection by delivering personalized greetings and leveraging digital platforms to create a virtual gathering space.


To achieve our goals, we devised two innovative campaigns in collaboration with SkyCity. The “FU Customization” project empowered users to personalize the auspicious “FU” symbol, enabling them to print and display it in their homes. Additionally, we designed an engaging Augmented Reality (AR) Filter experience that immersed participants in vibrant Lunar New Year elements, allowing them to capture photos and videos of their personalized greetings for seamless sharing on social media platforms.


Despite the limitations imposed by the Covid pandemic, our online campaigns triumphed in bringing the festive spirit directly into the participants’ homes. These campaigns successfully facilitated the creation of personalized greetings, fostering a profound sense of community connection during a time of physical separation. Leveraging strategic collaborations with influential individuals, we amplified the reach and engagement of our initiatives, ensuring that this Lunar New Year celebration would be remembered as a remarkable and memorable experience for all involved.

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