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Case Studies

SkyCity Moon Festival 2022


The Chinese Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, holds great cultural significance for the Asian community, particularly those of Chinese heritage. Understanding the importance of this festival and its potential for marketing, SkyCity Auckland embarked on an innovative augmented reality (AR) campaign.


To showcase SkyCity’s unwavering commitment to embracing and celebrating cultural diversity, particularly within the Asian community, and to drive foot traffic to their establishments. By actively engaging with the Asian community and crafting an extraordinary celebration of the Aisan festival, we aimed to not only deepen brand loyalty but also attract a significant influx of visitors to SkyCity’s venues.


We set up a Guanghan Temple beneath the Sky Tower into a cube. Visitors scanned the cube with their cameras, triggering an enchanting AR experience. Chang’E and the Jade Rabbit would fly out upon the cloud and dance in front of the audience. Additionally, the exhibit provided an opportunity for visitors to learn about the Chinese legend of the Moon Festival.


The Moon Festival Themed AR campaign captivated visitors, immersing them in the legend and creating a sense of wonder. Participants captured photos and shared their experiences, fostering a deeper connection with the festival. 

The AR experience became highly popular within two weeks, and it contributed to increased foot traffic and consumer spending. SkyCity benefited from the initiative, receiving positive responses from customers. It was not only a successful technological showcase but also a practical effort to encourage shopping and social interaction.

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