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Case Studies

Sky City 2023 CNY


SkyCity Auckland, a renowned entertainment group in Auckland, recognized the significance of cultural inclusivity and community engagement, especially with the vibrant Asian community in New Zealand. To strengthen their brand image as a leader in valuing diversity and to drive foot traffic to their properties, they partnered with us, experts in Chinese marketing, during the auspicious Lunar New Year celebrations in 2023.


Our primary goal was to showcase SkyCity as a cultural diversity advocate and boost brand loyalty. Simultaneously, we aimed to create engaging and interactive experiences that would draw in a wider audience, especially benefiting their restaurants, hotels, and casino.


We crafted two dynamic installations at SkyCity. The first, the Calligraphy Station, featured interactive tablet kiosks where visitors could create their own “Fu” calligraphy for prosperity, printed as spring couplets. The second, “Give Me Five,” offered visitors a chance to receive blessings from the God of Wealth, complemented by captivating lighting effects. Additionally, we introduced an innovative augmented reality (AR) game using voice control technology, allowing participants to command a virtual rabbit to climb the SkyTower by saying “Rabbit.”


Our collaboration with SkyCity led to a remarkable showcase of immersive experiences that seamlessly blended tradition with modern technology. Visitors actively engaged in Lunar New Year festivities, creating their own calligraphy, receiving blessings, and enjoying the interactive AR game. Importantly, this initiative significantly boosted foot traffic to SkyCity’s properties, including their restaurants, hotels, and casino, resulting in increased consumer spending. The success of these installations not only delighted visitors but also generated positive community feedback and buzz. Together with SkyCity, we successfully brought the spirit of Lunar New Year to life, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

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