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Case Studies

SkyCity Team New Zealand America’s Cup Mobile Mini Site Game


SkyCity, being one of the primary sponsors for the American Cup NZ, recognizing the significance of the event, they aimed to create an online campaign that would resonate with their target audience and generate excitement.


The objective of the campaign was twofold: firstly, to engage customers in an immersive online experience related to the American Cup; and secondly, to incentivize participants to visit the offline store by offering vouchers or rewards. The ultimate goal was to boost sales conversions and create a seamless online-to-offline customer journey.


Prizm developed a sailboat game specifically designed to celebrate the American Cup. The game was strategically launched during the final match, capitalizing on the heightened interest and attention of the audience. Participants were invited to join the game online, competing for prizes and rewards. The engaging and interactive nature of the game successfully captured the interest and enthusiasm of thousands of participants.


The sailboat game proved to be a tremendous success, driving significant results for SkyCity. Around half of the participants were successfully motivated to visit the offline store to redeem their vouchers, indicating a high conversion rate from online engagement to in-store foot traffic. This translated into increased sales conversions and a positive impact on the overall business. The campaign successfully achieved its objective of engaging customers online, driving them to the offline store, and ultimately boosting sales performance.

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