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Case Studies

Thursday Plantation New Product Launch Campaign


Thursday Plantation, an Australian brand specializing in health and beauty products derived from natural oils, introduced a series of new face mask products in 2019. To enhance customer relationships, an offline event was organized in Sydney to launch the new products. Subsequently, the brand sought to amplify its reach and engagement through a digital experience in collaboration with Prizm.


The primary goal was to promote the new face mask series by creating a digital experience that provided customers with a deeper understanding of the products. Specifically, Thursday Plantation aimed to strengthen its brand connection with customers, enhance its reputation, and increase brand awareness. Prizm was tasked with designing an engaging mobile app game to facilitate user interaction and generate interest in the new product line.


In response to Thursday Plantation’s needs, Prizm developed a mobile app game available on app stores. Users were prompted to answer questions about their skin conditions and product preferences. Following this, users would take a photo of their face, and the app would recommend a suitable face mask, displaying the potential benefits through before-and-after results on their photo. This interactive approach provided users with personalized recommendations and an engaging way to explore the new face mask products.


The implementation of the digital experience yielded significant results for Thursday Plantation. The brand successfully collected valuable user data, including photos taken by users. To further incentivize participation, the company initiated a campaign where a randomly selected user received a prize based on their submitted photo. This approach effectively bridged online and offline engagement, resulting in an enhanced brand connection with customers, improved reputation, and increased brand awareness. Users were motivated to share their experiences by posting pictures on their social media accounts, contributing to the overall success of the campaign.

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