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Jeffrey Hau

Chief Executive Officer

I have always been fascinated by psychology and how it can influence human behavior. That’s why I pursued a psychology degree from UCLA and then moved to Silicon Valley to learn from the best in the tech industry.

However, I soon realized that I wanted to do something more innovative and impactful in my hometown of Hong Kong, where social media marketing was still an emerging field.

I decided to start my own venture and become one of the pioneers in this space. Over the years, I witnessed the incredible growth of new social media platforms, and I confirmed that traditional advertising knowledge was not enough to keep up with the fast-changing digital era.

I felt the need to create a marketing agency that could provide insights and solutions to clients with a solid digital mindset. That’s how Prizm was born in 2012.

Prizm has grown from a small team of passionate professionals to a global network of around 200 colleagues, with its head office in Hong Kong and branches in NZ, AU, SG, MY, JPN, and China.

We specialize in different areas such as social media, creative content development, tech development, digital payment, and big data analytics.

Prizm is always looking for new ways to help our clients achieve their goals and reach their audiences most effectively and engagingly possible.

We’ve established a branch in New Zealand to better service our Australian/NZ clients who aim to be some of the leading companies in their fields.

Our main specialty is our ability to market and bring local goods and services to key overseas markets such as China, Singapore, and the rest of Asia.

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At Prizm Group, we're passionate about crafting success stories for our clients in the Chinese market. Join us on this journey and unlock the boundless potential of your business in China.