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Douyin, known as TikTok internationally, boasts 710 million daily users under 40. It’s a vibrant hub for KOL marketing and live-streamed e-commerce, with celebrities and influencers actively amplifying brand visibility, especially amid the Covid era. With an educated, ready-to-buy user base, Douyin is an electrifying marketplace. Features include video search and verified business accounts, etc.

Douyin transforms into a shopper’s haven, enabling seamless in-app purchases and supercharging conversions through brand stores. Influencers don’t just showcase products; they sell them directly through live streams, turning Douyin into a sales powerhouse.

Serving both mainland China and overseas Chinese communities, Douyin is a digital home-away-from-home, particularly for overseas Chinese migrants, travelers, and international students.

Our Service Scope

Customized Strategy Icon

Customized Strategy

We tailor your content to echo their passions, interests, and dreams – making your brand an inseparable part of their Douyin journey.

  • Market Research
  • Strategy
  • Execution Planning
Brand Account Setup Icon

Brand Account Setup

We assist in setting up official accounts to establish a strong online presence for your brand or organization.

  • Account Registration
  • Brand Profile Creation
  • Account Functionality Setup
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Brand Account Management

Providing day-to-day brand account management, we ensure a strong online presence, meaningful audience connections, and brand growth through consistent content and engagement.

  • Content Planning and Creation
  • Video Production
  • Monthly Report
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Influencer Marketing (KOL / KOC)

We excel in influencer-led sales strategies, utilizing Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) to boost your brand’s reach and increase sales.

  • KOL/KOC Sourcing
  • KOL/KOC Campaign Planning and Management
  • Live Streaming Campaign
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Douyin Ads

We design and execute engaging Douyin ads, maximizing their impact in attracting and converting potential customers.

  • Ad Account Set Up
  • Ad Campaign Strategy Configuration
  • Ad Creative
  • Ad Placement & Monitor
  • Ad Data Analysis
Douyin E-Commerce Store Icon

Douyin E-Commerce Store

With expertise in Douyin’s ecommerce integration, we help set up and optimize your brand store, enabling seamless transactions and driving sales.

  • Store Set Up
  • Day to Day E-Commerce Operation
  • Douyin Livestream
  • Monthly Report

Frequently Ask Questions

China’s social ecommerce market is projected to reach $430 billion by 2023, constituting nearly 29% of the country’s ecommerce market. In China, social media is seamlessly integrated into daily life, fostering a unique e-commerce ecosystem where platforms like WeChat and Douyin not only connect users but also serve as virtual shopping hubs; while in New Zealand, social media like Facebook and Instagram play a pivotal role in connecting users, but online shopping is typically conducted through dedicated websites rather than directly within these platforms.

We understand that brands are striving to achieve the dual objectives of brand building and sales growth, especially during these challenging times. It might sound like a mission impossible, but guess what? The secret sauce is out there. Let us introduce you to the dynamic duo: Little Red Book and Douyin. These platforms are game-changers where the journey to consumer decision-making is remarkably expedited. Thanks to influencer campaigns and live video streaming, what used to take ages now unfolds within minutes.

TikTok and Douyin – they’re like two peas in a pod, both under Bytedance and rocking similar interfaces. They both roll with that algorithm magic and the “for you” feed. Plus, they’re all about the ad game with options like banners, top view ads, and in-feed goodies.

Despite the uncanny resemblance, TikTok and Douyin are totally separate playgrounds. Think of TikTok as the junior version of Douyin. Let’s break it down:

  • User Profile: TikTok is Gen Z’s turf, where 60% of users, aged16-24, gather for some chuckles and light-hearted fun. Douyin
    paints with broader strokes, attracting a diverse age range under 40, boasting a whopping 710 million daily active users.
  • Content: TikTok’s videos often feature creators narrating their own shenanigans. These videos are branching out into the
    mainstream, mingling with an artsy bunch showcasing their talents, from crooning to cooking. No wonder it’s outshining Instagram for US Gen Z, becoming the go-to for entertainment.
  • Live Video Streaming: This is where the real gap emerges. Chinese users go wild for live streaming, creating a chasm between TikTok and Douyin – cue KOL marketing and social ecommerce on Douyin. Celebs and KOLs have been ramping up brand exposure, especially during Covid.
  • Social Ecommerce: Douyin is a shopper’s paradise, where users purchase without leaving the app. Whether from a video
    or a live stream, it’s a seamless process. Brands even set up their own Douyin stores, supercharging conversions.
  • KOL Magic: Douyin’s KOLs (aka influencers on TikTok) don’t just strut their stuff; they sell directly during live streams. Douyin turns into a sales powerhouse.
  • Global Influence: Douyin spreads its wings across both mainland China and overseas for Chinese folks, while TikTok is strictly for the global stage. It’s like a home-away-from-home for those who grew up with Chinese apps, making Douyin a force for overseas Chinese migrants, travellers, and international students etc.

Unlike Tmall or JD, users visit Douyin not for the purpose of shopping, but kill some time, entertainment, so content is the key to maximize your brand exposure and stimulate their shopping intent. It’s very hard to market to consumers coming to traditional online marketplace with clear buying intention and price comparison.

In Douyin universe, short videos and live streaming are the two main traffic sources. Your biggest rival is not your competitor but your customer, how you can persuade them from not knowing your brand to ordering within minutes of presentation and showcasing.

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