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Case Studies

Barfoot & Thompson 2022 Moon Festival AR Campaign


As a marketing agency specializing in Chinese marketing in the New Zealand market, we understand the importance of fostering connections and embracing cultural diversity. With the Moon Festival, being a significant occasion for the Chinese community.


Our objective was to create an immersive campaign that would further engage and bond with the local Chinese community while bringing Chinese culture to people here, also celebrate the Moon Festival and provide a unique experience for Barfoot & Thompson’s clients and partners. 


In collaboration with Barfoot & Thompson, PRIZM developed a cutting-edge idea: the Moon Festival AR Campaign on Instagram and Facebook. This campaign allowed all Barfoot & Thompson clients and partners to partake in the digital AR moonlighting experience. Participants were encouraged to choose their preferred location, record a video with their own background, and witness the AR Moon lighting up. This personalized touch enabled them to create unique festival greetings, adding a touch of magic to their Moon celebrations.


The response to the campaign was overwhelmingly positive, with participants expressing their delight in being able to celebrate the Moon Festival in such an innovative way. By leveraging the power of AR technology, we successfully engaged the local Chinese community and fostered a stronger bond with Barfoot & Thompson’s clients and partners. The campaign not only brought joy and excitement to those involved but also showcased the vibrant Chinese culture to a wider audience in New Zealand.

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