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Case Studies

MitoQ WeChat Marketing: Official Account Content Management


MitoQ is a leading biotech company that partners global scientific research institutions to develop antioxidant supplements using cutting edge technology. To keep in line with their avant-garde image, PRIZM also adopted an unconventional approach in the conceptualisation of artwork and copywriting for MitoQ.

Project Details

Careful thought was put into the Chinese content and typesetting for the promotional articles on WeChat. The user interface also aimed at providing a unique experience for viewers who were used to the linear scroll while viewing WeChat articles. PRIZM initiated the idea of a long-scrolling article with sections providing alternative views (e.g. clicking for a pop-up image or horizontal scrolling for comic-style strip), which were made possible with coding. Visuals were centred around the cellular level with an element of etherealism to highlight the key features of MitoQ’s products. The conceptualised artwork and copywriting were refined over various iterations to ensure that it achieves subtle yet skilful messaging.


The attractive visuals as well as novel presentation of the content were well received by the viewers. In addition, the article open rates and the complete article read rates increased for these campaigns.

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