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Case Studies

SkyCity RED Ad Placement


SkyCity is an entertainment complex in the central business district of Auckland comprising of award-winning F&B establishments, hotels and the world-class SkyCity Casino. It is located at the base of the Sky Tower – an iconic landmark in New Zealand and the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. Prizm conducted feeding ads on Little Red Book for SkyCity to increase the exposure of their Little Red Book posts. SkyCity would like to target different advertising audience groups.


Our goal was generally boosting the visibility of SkyCity’s Little Red Book posts through advertising and reach specific audiences. For some restaurant and hotel related posts, the objective was to generate leads and increase bookings. To streamline communication and improve user experience, to get integrated a chat button into the ad. To encourage direct engagement, enabling real-time inquiries, reservations, and personalized assistance.


To achieve different ad objectives, we utilized the advertising mechanism on Little Red Book and selected appropriate advertising audience groups. We tailored our ad placements based on the geographic locations, and other factors of the different audience segments. This approach ensured precise targeting, increasing exposure and user engagement.


Our advertising efforts yielded excellent results, achieving unprecedented exposure for SkyCity’s posts on Little Red Book. Over the past three months ad placement, we attracted hundreds million impressions, thereby boosting brand visibility and user engagement, also significant increase in followers of the official account. This promotion campaign successfully showcased SkyCity on the Little Red Book platform, resulting in significant exposure and positive outcomes.

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